[E-book] What do candidates really think of video interviewing and video interview software?

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So what do candidates really think of pre-recorded video interviewing and video interview software?

It is fair to say that video interviewing can be assumed as rather polarising for both candidate and recruitment manager. There are many questions around discrimination, diversity hiring and effectiveness of improving the recruitment process. Video interviewing also comes in many varities, pre-recorded video interviewing and live video interviewing. 

In the UK and more broadly in Europe, many candidates have already had a pre-recorded video interview. For candidates, it is mix of apprehension and excitement, However, they show themselves keen on this new mode of recruitment, as it allows them to distinguish themselves by displaying their motivation and personality. Many are the advantages video interviewing but, how do candidates react to the experience? We present to you our e-book “Inside candidate,” which responds to this question. 

Candidates speak out..

Pre-screening interviewing is an essential step in the recruitment process. It is the chance for candidates to prove their worth to recruiters, as well as getting a clearer idea of the company they are applying to. 96% of candidates questioned consider that the application process is either an important or a crucial factor in forming an opinion on the company. The results show that pre-screening interviewing is a two-way street, in which companies are just as much assessed as candidates. It is fundamental for you to understand and assess the candidate experience that you offer.

It is common not to get feedback from candidates on your recruitment processes, because they do not have the chance to. Moreover, when they do get back to you, they are normally driven by their frustration after receiving a negative response or no answer.

In our newest publication 'The Definitive Guide to video interviewing', we present you with an overview of the candidates’ behaviour and satisfaction on video interviewing. As we are an intermediary, the responses gathered from our satisfaction questionnaire are normally more significant. 

A teaser?

Out of the 100,000 candidates who had a video interview with easyRECrue between 2014 and 2016, 25,000 responded to our satisfaction survey. These were the results:

  • 91% had a pre-recorded video interview for their first time in 2016 (compared to 97% in 2014);
  • 76% expressed to have either enjoyed or loved the experience;
  • 82% had a positive opinion of the company with which they had a pre-recorded video interview.

To discover everything there is to know about candidate pre-recorded video interviewing, please download our e-book. The results will surprise you!

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