24 November 2016 / / Video interviewing


ING BANK decided to implement the easyRECrue video interviewing software within their hiring process. ING BANK has a retail banking division which...

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1 August 2017 / / Video interviewing

How to optimise your recruitment proces in 5 steps

Although HR departments have taken time to modernise their recruitment process, they are now trendsetters! We are talking about social recruiting,...

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31 July 2017 / / Video interviewing

Final interview: which of the two applicants should you choose?

You’ve analysed hundreds of CVs, interviewed ten candidates (on video, of course!) and the marathon is nearly over: there are only two left! The...

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3 October 2016 / / Video interviewing

What do candidates really think about pre-recorded video interviewing

The candidate experience is critical. And quite rightly, in-house recruitment and HR professionals need to be assured that any new process or...

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REDUCE THE NUMBER OF BAD HIRES: prioritising pre-screening

There’s nothing more frustrating and expensive than getting recruitment wrong – when you realise that the star performer you hired actually has...

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