Chalhoub Group's talent-centric HR strategy with EASYRECRUE

With a network of over 750 retail stores and a growing workforce of over 12,000 people, Chalhoub Group is the leading luxury partner across the Middle East.

The extent of their HR challenges matches the size of the group and the speed at which they are growing. Such challenges include:

  • Managing high application volume from all over the Middle Eastern region and the world
  • Filling in-store jobs (80% of open positions) through a quick and seamless recruiting processes
  • Hiring the finest digital and tech-savvy professionals to carry out the group-wide digital transformation

Chalhoub Group has chosen EASYRECRUE ENGAGE and INTERVIEW solutions to help reach those targets, while measurably improving their candidate experience and employer branding. Each solution is integrated to their ATS SAP Success Factors.

  • EASYRECRUE ENGAGE featuring the recruiting chatbot TIM (Talent Interactive Matchmaker) implemented at the beginning of the year.

This solution helped the Talent Acquisition team save 20% of pre-screening time and it now takes a candidate 15 seconds (vs 3 minutes before the implementation of the chatbot) to find a relevant opening on Chalhoub Group’s career site.

  • EASYRECRUE INTERVIEW with the on-demand video solution, boosted by the AI-driven recommendation tool and live video interview

Over 565 candidates have already taken the pre-recorded video interview and 100 profiles were analyzed by the AI-driven recommendation tool, saving the Talent Acquisition team 60% of screening time.

“The EASYRECRUE platform has a set of solutions that solves each of our pain points for a better approach to talent recruitment. We are always looking for tools to save time and bring innovation by offering the best to our future talent”, explained Iyad Rahme, Head of HR Technology of Chalhoub Group.


Read the full Success Story here and learn how Chalhoub Group boosted their talent and recruiter experience


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