recruiting chatbot

A chatbot to serve the candidate and recruiter experience

Did you know 60% of candidates drop out of a lengthy recruitment process? Yet, it takes on average over 4 minutes and more than 30 clicks for a candidate to apply on a career site.

How to attract those candidates and engage with them to make sure they don't leave? How to retain talent that cannot find what they are looking for on your career website, but could be real future assets for your company? The recruiting chatbot is one solution.

If Human Resources is precisely about “humans”, many tasks are, on the contrary, simple and repetitive and do not require human oversight. Such tasks include candidate sourcing, pre-screening and assessments, interview scheduling etc. HR teams also have the mission to engage candidates, sometimes hundreds at once, while maintaining a strong and consistent employer brand and keeping current employees happy.

An HR bot can address those challenges. Perhaps this is why, according to a 2018 Talent Board Survey, 66% of European companies plan to implement a chatbot in 2019. Plus, according to staffing and recruitment firm Allegis, 66% of candidates are comfortable interacting with a chatbot and are glad a chatbot can help them with interview scheduling. It seems like the market is ready.

Our ebook on recruiting chatbots covers:

  • Why a recruiting chatbot helps attract the best talent
  • How it saves time automating HR tasks with low added value
  • What different types of HR chatbots exist and what they do
  • Case studies of EASYRECRUE chatbot customers


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With all of this, will the chatbot become HR’s new best friend?

Published by Mathilde Brygier
on 18 October 2019

chatbot , recruitment process , Article , candidate experience , Talent Attraction , HR tools

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